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With a network of distributors that has grown since 1992 we cover a majority

of the Caribbean. Our domain also includes select US states.

Review in detail the exclusive brands we have available.

Brooklyn Food and Beverage

Crafted in Brooklyn, NY.  We use fresh sourced ingredients and pure cane sugar, to brew drinks with full, robust flavor. Refreshing on its own or perfect as a cocktail mixer, Brooklyn Crafted beverages pair well with our snack food line.


CBD Cynergy Drinks

We combine in-house coffee and tea blends with full-spectrum hemp oil, taking restorative to the next level.  Enjoy a beautiful combination of a lively, yet relaxed beverage.

Distillerie des Alpes

Established by the original recipes from the Alps.  The subtle mix of plants, fruits, spices and flowers, delightfully reproduces the authentic scents and flavors. Always high quality standards, always the taste for authenticity,

enjoy these Vermouth and Pastis.


Essential Baking Company

We nourish the body of soul of communities by providing superior artisan breads and baked goods. Our pastries are hand crafted using time-honored, labor-intensive techniques and premium quality ingredients. These combined with delicate, subtle flavor combinations provide an unforgettable experience.

Fentimans USA

Enhance the experience with flavor blends that surpass expectations.  Pour life into festive mixers, infuse the daily with the extraordinary.  Botanically brewed for your pleasure.


Harney and Sons

A company founded on commitment and love, we sell fine teas at a price that makes tea an everyday luxury. Our tea is sipped around the world in homes, hotels, restaurants, cafes and on cruise ships.  Be part of something wonderful.



Our mixes are available in distinctive retail packaging or convenient eco-friendly bulk bags for home use. They are quick and easy to prepare, just add one cup of heavy whipping cream, mix and bake – no cutting butter, proofing or running out to the store for extra ingredients. The Chicago Tribune described our scones as “. . . proper scones that you could serve with pride to company.”

La Boite A Epices

Our collection of over 50 spice blends use the finest quality spices sourced from all over the world. Eric Ripert and Lior Lev Sercarz have collaborated to bring you the ultimate spice blend for your next culinary journey. Jazz up savory dishes, unique cocktails, or creative desserts. Truly a chef’s delight.

Butter Cookies with Jam

Le Mas des Confitures

Our work consists in showcasing the fruit and not masking its flavor. This is why our jams are prepared with 70% whole fruit. Prepared by our jam craftsman. We take time to work fruits, and use the traditional methods of cooking in small copper basins, to guarantee all the original flavors.

Les Nectars De Bourgogne

Passionate about flavors, textures and colors, Emmanuelle Baillard created the nectars de Bourgogne in 2004.

The fruits chosen for the production are products of sustainable agriculture or organic farming.


Love Corn

Our mission is to make our customers smile and make

crunchy corn your favorite snack, one kernel at a time.
We tick all the boxes- good fiber, vegan, gluten & sugar free!


Maison Routin 1883

For smoothies, milkshakes, sorbets or cocktails both with and without alcohol. Authentic flavors, thanks to a mild pasteurization process that respects each of the characteristic notes of the

fresh ingredients.  Indulge the sense from our line

of sauces, syrups and purees.


Worldwide we offer you our fine potato products, inspired by tradition, full of passion and respect.  Lutosa is the Latin translation for "Leuze-en-Hainaut". The town is located in a rural area that cultivates a taste for quality and authenticity, thereby perpetuating a true way of life.

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